The Church goes in at 9:30 AM

Trinity exists to Equip, Edify, and Expand the body of Christ, in Corinth, to the glory of God.  


We all come to Christ with various backgrounds, experiences, and baggage; and if we are to do the "work of ministry" (Ephesians 4:12), be it locally or globally, we must be prepared, outfitted, and mended.  At Trinity, this "equipping" manifests itself through worship, the preaching of the Word, discipleship, counseling, and accountability; so that the believer would be prepared for Christ's service. 


As Christians, we believe that we're call to be builders.  An important part of our mission is the building up the body of Christ in unity, faith and knowledge; that we would no longer be children in the faith but grow in spiritual maturity, knowing Jesus and who we are in him.    


Faithful Christian living requires that we do not limit our gospel love and witness to only within the doors of our facility.  We are to go out into our community, neighborhood, workplace, and schools; and as instruments in the Redeemer's hands bring the grace of Christ, both to those who think they don't need it, and those who think they're beyond it.