Worship | Sunday | 9:30am (Sunday School follows at 11am)
Fellowship and Prayer | Wednesday | 6 pm

What's In A Name?



Our church is named "Trinity" for two reasons. First, founding members chose the name to correct a teaching that God's self-disclosure as "Father, Son, and Spirit" could be changed into any three metaphors. "Trinity" was chosen to communicate a commitment to the Bible. Second, the word "Trinity" reflects an eternal, complementary, and serving relationship of God the Father to God the Son to God the Holy Spirit: God IS love. We wish to reflect the same unity in diversity amongst our fellow members.


We are part of a family of churches called the Presbyterian Church In America (PCA), the largest reformed, evangelical Presbyterian body in North America. The denomination was founded in 1973 to continue a faitfhul, Biblical, and confessional witness of Presbyterian churches in America.

The word "Presbyterian," a mouthful for sure, is simply the Bible's word for "elder," and refers to the type of representative church government to which we subscribe.


"Church," in the Bible, means "called out ones." It also means that we have been called out with others in all ages. We have been shaped by the men and women of God who've come before, in our tradition often labelled "Reformed" or "confessional."

"Reformed" means we uphold the tenets of the Protestant Reformation: Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, For God's Glory Alone.

"Confessional" means we have doctrinal accountability.