Worship | Sunday | 9:30am (Sunday School follows at 11am)
Fellowship and Prayer | Wednesday | 6 pm

Why We Gather

Worship = God Is, Therefore I Am

Worship is the declaration of God's worth in all of life. It is our way of saying, "God is, therefore I am." But Christians also gather for public worship, a weekly reminder of life's right order and celebration of the covenant God. And from worship, blessings flow.

As fish cannot live out of water, so humans cannot live apart from God. Those whom God has redeemed know that to live and grow in Christ Jesus, he or she must stay closely connected to other believers in the venue of Lord's Day worship.

What Can I Expect?

Every church has its own culture, and visiting a new place for the first time can be frightening. Here are frequently asked questions about visiting Trinity Presbyterian Church:

What time does church begin and where do you meet?

Worship services begin at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday morning. We meet at 4175 NORTH HARPER ROAD (As you turn on Shiloh Road going north toward Highway 2, turn left at the "S" Curve on North Harper Road (Near Vet Med Animal Clinic).

What kind of clothes should I wear?

As silly as it seems, this issue has actually split churches! We want you to be clothed in Christ. Other than that, as long as you avoid violating the laws of the State of Mississippi, come as you are :-) Some wear ties and coats, some wear shorts and flip-flops, some wear tattoos, and some wear onesies!

Will I be made to stand up and greeted? 


Will people greet me?

Yes. Because we are a small body of believers, no visitor escapes a warm embrace!

What is the worship like?

We are a traditional church, but not traditionalistic! Expect a service focused more on God than man. As such, our hymns, prayers, preaching, and elements of worship are drawn from God's word and not our own fancies. We do not have a professional band, orchestra, or dance troupe leading our service, just people from within our own flock who like to share their gifts. Expect to hear prayers and preaching.

Is there free food?

Only if you need it. We do offer some snacks during a break between services and guarantee a warm cup of coffee.

Can I attend church even if I am an unbeliever, doubting, or exploring?

Absolutely. The Church is the only venue to adequately embrace engage your doubts, clarify your concerns, or address your issues. You are welcome.

Where do my kids go?

We believe Christ's body is diverse, which includes children. Our children are encouraged to remain in worship with their parents. However, we do offer a nursery with mature and qualified caretakers for toddlers and infants.

Is there a Sunday school?

Yes. Sunday school and Wednesday evening fellowships are our "small groups" at this stage of our church's life. We encourage everyone to plug in somewhere. Our youngsters (Grades 1-6) are studying the content, method, and application of the Gospel through "One Story Ministries" curriculum. Our teens and many adults, join those classes for a multi-generational, covenant-community learning environment. The materials for the courses are the Bible, humble hearts, and conversation from all participants.

Adults not participating in the leading of SS, gather for a class of their own led by either our pastor, or one of our ruling elders.

Our pastor is also available during this time for inquirees, counseling, and prayer.

Can I get a ride?

Absolutely. If you let us know, we will be glad to come and get you.