Worship | Sunday | 9:30am (Sunday School follows at 11am)
Fellowship and Prayer | Wednesday | 6 pm

How Do We Achieve Our Mission?


We don't. God does. He chooses to use us.

God knows that loving Him and others is the most human thing anyone can do. And He also knows that we are hardwired to do the opposite.

In order to help us enjoy His mission, the Lord gives to His servants the help they need to love Him and love others with integrity and humility - fruitfully and expectantly.

God restores us to Himself for worship. The weekly public expression of worship is God's gift to help us rediscover the proper order of the universe: "God is, therefore I am."

God restores us to our true selves by shaping us through the gifts of His word(the Bible), His eager ear (prayer), His solid promises (sacrament), and His family (other struggling believers).

God restores us to His world by sending us to share these gifts with others in word and deed, truth and grace.